30 Dating Secrets to a Successful, Long-Lasting Relationship

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30 Dating Secrets to Landing (And Keeping) Your Perfect Man  presents practical ways to meet, engage with and date your perfect man, with emphasis on a relationship based on mutual respect.

Written from a male perspective, we show you a healthy way to approach dating and relationships, as well as what not to do in a relationship. Ladies will learn how to go from flirting with that sexy guy to developing a blossoming connection with him.

This 42 page guide gives you clues to the male psyche, helping you navigate the courtship dance in a more informed way.

In this e-book you will:
    • Find a way to meet a suitable guy
    • Learn how to flirt (the fun way)
    • Read about what turns a guy on from a male perspective
    • Learn how to approach dating
    • Learn what NOT to do when things start getting serious
    • Examine what makes a relationship work