Do you want to reduce stress and live a more satisfying life?

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular in the western world.

Celebrities swear by it, scientists study it, and monks still practice it. It has fast become the slow way to manage the modern world – without chanting mantras or finding hours of special time to meditate.  

But what, exactly, is mindfulness? And how do you get its considerable physical and mental health benefits?  

The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment is the perfect introduction to mindfulness. Learn what 'mindfulness' really is, the scientific benefits to practicing it daily, and a set of simple yet powerful techniques to be mindful throughout the day.


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Overview of The Art of Mindfulness eBook

Mindfulness has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

While mindfulness has ancient origins, it has now become mainstream in the modern world. Celebrities, athletes, and CEOs alike endorse “mindfulness training.” Doctors and therapists integrate mindfulness into treatment plans. And countless apps such as Insight Timer, Headspace, and Calm have emerged to fill the demand for instruction in mindfulness meditation.

What is the hype all about? How has an ancient concept connected to Hinduism and Buddhism so captivated the modern world? And most importantly, what do you need to know about mindfulness to lead a happier and more peaceful life?

The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment answers these questions and provides a compelling introduction to the concept of mindfulness. We outline practical ways you can start living a more mindful life today.
In this eBook we:
  • Discuss the main benefits of mindfulness, including the latest scientific research into it.
  • Teach you how to develop a daily habit of mindfulness. We outline 7 seven simple yet incredibly effective exercises you can use to bring mindfulness into your life.
  • Provide a brief history of mindfulness and explain why it's become so popular in modern popular culture.


The simplest and most practical way to learn to live through mindfulness is to practice it in our daily lives. This requires no elaborate courses or meditation retreats. It doesn't even require much time outside of our ordinary activities. This is because mindfulness is not a technique which involves any change. Instead, it's an approach used to deepen our own awareness in every day life and help us live with the flow of thoughts and events which we take for granted.


While mindfulness is not the only way to live in the moment, it's the best and most relaxing method to learn to do so. Moreover, it's closely connected to Buddhist ethics of kindness, compassion, and care for oneself and others. Cultivating a practice of mindfulness therefore often goes hand in hand with developing a more generous outlook on the world.

The Art of Mindfulness eBook is a fantastic way to learn more about the mindfulness phenomenon. You'll discover practical tips, information and easy-to-follow techniques to apply mindfulness on a daily basis. Within these pages is the blueprint to living a happier and more satisfying life.

Who is this eBook for?

Do you have an overactive mind? Are you always multi-talking? Do you suffer from anxiety, fear or stress?

Then The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment is the perfect book for you.

Imagine a world in which you feel no stress about the past or the future. You exist fully in the right now without regret, dread, self-recrimination, or anxiety. Sound impossible? Maybe so, but this alternative world is perhaps closer than you think. While there is no magic wand that can erase all of your life’s struggles and woes, mindfulness can provide you powerful tools to brave the inevitable storms that arise.

The reality is, however, that anyone can benefit from having a more mindful life too. The daily application of mindfulness can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing, and lead to greater success in all areas of your life.

The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment is packed full of practical exercises that can be done in minutes. These simple yet powerful exercises can be incorporated into your daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress or unhappiness we can all experience.

What you'll learn

The main benefits of mindfulness, backed by the latest science, in case you need any further convincing!

7 simple yet incredibly effective exercises you can use to bring mindfulness into your life. We also provide a step by step guide to doing Ujjayi breath.

A brief history of mindfulness and its ascent in modern popular culture.

About excessive attachment and why we tend to hold on too tight to some things.

Several different methods for daily meditation (which are designed for beginners) and an introduction to practicing yoga.

A list of references and recommended reading to take your study of mindfulness even further.

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Easy to Read

At 55 pages, this eBook is comprehensive, but also extremely accessible.

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A note from Lachlan Brown, founder of Hack Spirit

I created Hack Spirit because I am passionate about how useful mindfulness and eastern philosophy can be in people’s lives.

Most of the information out there failed to provide it in a practical and simple way. It frustrated me that such valuable knowledge was often delivered in confusing ways.  

So I set out to to change this. I believe that mindfulness doesn’t need to be esoteric. It can be very practical and accessible.

I believe that The Art of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment is our best eBook. We explain mindfulness in such a simple and effective way and the techniques we recommend allow it to be applied on a daily basis.

I’m humbled by the incredible support we’ve received along the way from our readers. We’re now one of the largest media sites on mindfulness in the world with over 2 million monthly readers.  

Thank you for being a part of this journey. To keep in touch, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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